Salvation season 2 episode 4 review: Did Grace learn Chang’s decision?

Salvation season 2Moving into Salvation season 2 episode 4, we knew that an epic battle was going to be kicked off over one key target: Chang. The Supreme Court Chief Justice was hospitalized, and everyone knew that his vote could alter the future of the entire country.

With that in mind, Grace had to do what she could in order to ensure that she got the most valuable piece of information she needed — an official decision from him. That meant basically trapping herself in the hospital with him while on the outside, there was mountain tension and violence as a resistance effort, one put on by Bennett and his people, was starting to mount. She was able to get his decision (Chang sided with Mackenzie), but then had to figure out if there was a way to actually exit this situation in one piece. As you would imagine, that certainly was not easy given that there was danger here around just about every turn.

Unfortunately, even after getting the good news from Chang there was another problem: Trying to figure out how to actually escape a hospital under siege. Grace had to figure out still how to deliver Chang’s decision to the White House, and that meant in part getting to a helicopter on top of the hospital. In the process, she had to actually work with Claire’s brother — something that she probably never fathomed that she would have to do.

Yet, these are clearly times in which everyone needs to put past differences aside (though these are big differences) in order to achieve results. This episode ended without much resolution to this story — other than, of course, a possible explosion right outside the helicopter. Will Grace survive? That’s your cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, this episode also featured Liam having to re-center himself after the crisis from the week before — really, the Liam story was put on the backburner for most of the episode, at least until the end when Liam determined that he wanted to work with Resist for the sake of preserving the future. He was only siding with them over Darius because he just felt like it was the right course of action. We don’t think he’s ever going to become a full-on adversary; this is just a case of interests not fully aligning.

Unfortunately, Liam’s decision did have some consequences — basically, he lost his engagement in the process of picking his side.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Salvation season 2 episode 4 brought most of what wanted in terms of drama, though we do have one question: Why did it take Grace so long to get the verdict from Chang? That nitpick aside, this was probably the best episode of the season — it was absolutely the most intense.

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