Outlander season 4: Four things we want to see in a trailer

OutlanderNow that Outlander season 4 filming is over, we’re moving forward now to the next order of business: Preparing for the upcoming season! There’s a lot of important stuff to look forward to, and that (of course) includes some sort of official trailer that presents a lot of exciting stuff. We anticipate this coming out at some point in late summer / early fall, but we don’t want to wait any longer to present to you four different things that we want to see in it.

1. Jamie and Claire in America – This was the big tease at the end of season 3, and this season marks an opportunity to actually show to all of us what’s on the other side of this said tease. We’re hoping to get a glimpse of the look at feel of the show’s version of North Carolina, complete with some fantastic Terry Dresbach costumes and some beautiful scenery.

2. Brianna’s journey to reunite with her mother – And, of course, to meet Jamie for the first time. We don’t actually want the Brianna – Jamie meeting in the trailer (too big of a spoiler for people unfamiliar with the story), but we’d like to get a few bits of evidence that we’re building towards that.

3. New characters – Seeing Maria Doyle Kennedy’s Aunt Jocasta would be wonderful, especially since that character has been under such a heavy lock and key for a little while now. Meanwhile, Colin McFarlane’s Ulysses would also be a rather nice treat. Whether or not we need to see Ed Speleers’ Stephen Bonnet is a controversial topic, mostly because he is such a loathsome character and with that, not a person we’re altogether excited about having presented in front of us.

4. Some sort of story direction What are we building to, beyond just Brianna’s eventual arrival in the past? The season 3 trailer had such an enormous narrative push to it leading up to the Print Shop; we certainly think that this trailer needs the same sort of stakes and drama packed into a short period of time.

In the end, crafting a trailer is so much harder than anyone thinks — but this Outlander team certainly knows a thing or two about doing it after having made so many excellent ones in the past.

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