Elementary season 6 episode 11 review: Did Sherlock kill Moriarty?

Elementary season 6 episode 11Moving into Elementary season 6 episode 11, we knew that Sherlock Holmes was going to be asked a rather-tough question by his father Morland: Would he really be interested in killing Jamie Moriarty? According to Morland, Sherlock’s longtime foe / former lover was interested in taking his life. With that in mind, desperate minds called for desperate measures.

What we saw through this episode was the challenge of incorporating a character who was offscreen for the entire episode; Natalie Dormer was not available, so instead, tonight brought out one of her proxies in Ellory, a woman who helped to make some sort of arrangement with Sherlock. Basically, it worked out like a threat: She is better off just waiting for Morland to die than trying to kill him, given that if that happened, Sherlock vowed that he would take over the organization, leaving her in the cold and with an even larger roadblock in her way.

It was fun toying around the Moriarty subject matter again after so many years; yet, this did feel like somewhat of a letdown. It’s already tied up, at least for the time being, after being set up in a rather dramatic way at the end of the last episode. There were some good moments in here, but that’s about it insofar as this story goes.

As for the case-of-the-week, we did have a case involving the tobacco industry — this was a case about power, about prominence, and about so much more. We will say that this was a signature Elementary case, one that was about nuance and trying to determine the motive, the means, and the opportunity for the crime. While it was far from the flashiest case of the season (it’s hard to say that when finance and cigarette smuggling are a big part of the story), this was at least a nice case to wrap around the Moriarty story. The only shame here is that because of the aforementioned expectations for the Moriarty arc, it was harder to focus on this particular case knowing that there could be surprises around just about every corner.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we consider Elementary season 6 episode 11 to be one of the better installments of the season in terms of the case — this is one where both Sherlock and Joan had equal responsibility in figuring out how to take out the guilty party. we always prefer that over one of the two characters being along for the ride.

Yet, none of this completely compensates for the fact that the Moriarty part of the story was rather toothless and there was something more that we were hoping to see within this episode after some of the hype.

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