Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony results (day 27)

Big Brother 20 premiereThe week 3 Veto Ceremony has taken place in the Big Brother 20 house, and the results are pretty much what everyone predicted.

While we know that there were some hoping that Kaitlyn would have talked her way (accidentally) into being put up as a replacement nominee, Scottie has made it clear for a while now that his objective for the week is taking out Winston or Brett. They remain on the block now, and the best thing that Scottie can really hope for is that Winston shoots himself in the foot so many times that he goes home.

Why is this the right move for him? It’s really not, but it’s the less-risky move. Sam last night interviewed Brett in such a way that we think if he goes home, she will use her power in order to save him. Maybe she doesn’t (she will probably take her time thinking about it), but she probably isn’t as likely to use it on Winston. The worst-case scenario for Scottie is that both Brett and Winston survive this week, but we think that Brett is so much a better player than Winston that he will probably talk himself out of being in any sort of grave danger anyway.

As for what we expect the remainder of the week to look like, it’ll probably be more relaxed now that the nominations are officially set for Thursday — Kaitlyn can’t freak out anymore. Yet, we do think that there will be all sorts of alliance-forming as everyone starts to look towards the week ahead.The remaining five members of Level 6 will have to figure out their future targets; meanwhile, players like Sam, JC, and Kaitlyn will find themselves in an interesting position towing the line between different sides of the house. This next week is not the HoH you want to win, mostly because if Sam doesn’t use her power this week we are looking at a situation where no matter what happens, the results could be irrelevant.

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