America’s Got Talent: Ranking Courtney Hadwin, Amanda Mena, Golden Buzzer acts

America's Got TalentWho is the best Golden Buzzer act from America’s Got Talent this season — at least so far? As the Judge Cuts begin on Tuesday, it feels like the right time to focus on the five acts who are not going to be a part of it, mostly because they’ve already secured their spot in the live shows.

Below, you can see our rankings for these five performers, which are based mostly on performance quality and what we think are the odds that they will both make it into the final and also win.

5. Michael Ketterer – Michael is a very good singer, but he is also a prime example of what some people out there feel about the Golden Buzzer: Someone whose talent is almost overshadowed by his story. We can see him making it past the first live show, but in a competitive category not too far after that.

4. Makayla Phillips – We know that Heidi Klum really thinks that she has a great chance of winning the show and who knows? She might. We just don’t think the reaction to Makayla as her Golden Buzzer choice was that overwhelmingly positive. It’s ironic, but out of these five acts there’s a chance Makayla will be the most successful even if she doesn’t win the show. she feels like one of those people who goes home in the second live show, but eventually finds a record label and becomes successful down the road.

3. Amanda Mena – Amanda already has an established fan base; beyond just that, she’s also got an incredible voice for her age and is pretty seasoned as a performer. The biggest thing holding her back is that there are so many singers that we imagine that there will be a split vote.

2. Zurcaroh – They were the Golden Buzzer pick from Tyra Banks all the way back in the premiere and, in between their timing and their acrobatic skills, they were sensational. They are different enough to have a good shot of making the final — an act like them has never won America’s Got Talent, but it feels like this is a victory that is going to happen at some point.

1. Courtney Hadwin – The 13-year old has had, at least so far, the most electric audition of the season. It was reminiscent in some ways of Grace VanderWaal’s audition a couple of years ago. We don’t want to make too much of a single performance, but like Amanda, Courtney has some reality TV experience, and also now seems to have more of the country on her side.

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