Power season 5 episode 3 review: Tariq opens up; Tommy in trouble

Power season 4 episode 9Power season 5 episode 3 contained a number of significant events, with one in particular being a total shocker: Teresi getting out of prison. We didn’t see that coming before the season, but it happening definitely does open the door for a lot of intriguing possibilities.

For starters, we know that there’s a chance for a lot of trouble here on the basis of the fact that Teresi is far from the model citizen, and he really shouldn’t be getting out of prison in the first place. The only reason that it is happening is because of a setup to take down Tommy himself and those close to him. Teresi will betray his son, but Tommy doesn’t quite know that. He’s blinded by this fantasy of having a relationship with a man who feels understands him, a man he can get into some trouble with. This is going to be a problem for him, but it’s far from the only problem within the Power universe at the moment given that Dre is still out there wrecking havoc and there is also some drama that could befall everyone from Angela to Ghost.

For Angela, her issue right now is that she’s forcibly desperate. She realizes at the moment that Blanca is closing in on her and because of that, she’s having to find whatever means necessary to remove Blanca from he hair. That’s why she ends up using some of her power to seize some of the information that she has. It’s an obvious attempt to cover her tracks and Blanca knows this … but is there anything that she can do about it?

Meanwhile, for Tasha she’s in a situation now where she is forced to work with Angela, and beyond that she’s not going to have any children in her home anymore. She sent Tariq off once and for all at the end of the episode and it was actually a pretty emotional exchange. Sending him off to a school was the only way to remove him from some of the pain swirling around the whole family. This was a painful choice, but one that Tasha also felt was right given the present set of circumstances.

Finally, for Ghost himself he did everything that he could to further along the hunt for Dre with Tommy and Kanan (even though Tasha clearly doesn’t want him around) while also working with Tate on the future of the project. Clearly, these guys aren’t on the same page anymore, and we appreciate that mostly because the aftermath of this rivalry and the ever-increasing tension here is one of the things that we’re the most excited about as we move forward this season.

CarterMatt Verdict

With Teresi now on the outside, we’re probably more excited about Tommy’s story than we’ve been all season. As a matter of fact, we could say this about almost everyone on Power, given that the series delivered a series of effective emotional punches from start to finish this week. The stage is very clearly set now for the future.

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