Succession episode 7 preview: Can Logan fix his image?

Succession episode 2What’s coming up on Succession episode 7? One of the central tenets could be all about public perception, at least based on current details that are out there.

When you are in the business of media, it really matters how you are perceived. Not only do you need to be able to look trustworthy, but you also need to appear to be competent and also relatable. Everyone within the company needs to think that you can do the job and that they can look up to you if need be. This is why Logan is starting to think ahead moving into the next new episode. He may not necessarily feel like he needs family therapy, but he’s out there trying to get it for the sake of presenting what he thinks is the best version of himself to the world. There’s a good chance, though, that this could blow up in his face … mostly because if the reality of his decision is blown up publicly, his perception becomes so much worse than he could have ever fathomed going into everything.

Below, the Succession episode 7 synopsis offers up a few more details when it comes to the story ahead:

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