Power season 5 episode 3 sneak peek: Tasha, Angela talk things out

Angela Valdez
What’s coming up on Power season 5 episode 3? The episode coming up this weekend is going to continue the investigation into Raina’s death, and based on some of what we’re seeing in advance of the hour, Angela and Tasha are going to find themselves in a position where they have to work together.

Why do they need to do this? Really, it’s because things that they care about are going to be on the line. Internal Affairs is already sniffing around the connection between Ray Ray and Raina, and based on everything that Angela is done already, she knows that there is a danger already of her being hit with obstruction charges. She doesn’t want this and, because of it, she needs to figure out a way to put a stop to it if at all possible.

This brings us to a sneak peek, which you can see over at the link here. In this, Angela tells Tasha that despite her position as head of Criminal, she needs to collude with her in a way to ensure that the truth is never found. Tasha obviously has a motive here in that she wants to protect Tariq at all costs. Is Angela her favorite person? Hardly, since everything that happened with the affair early on in the series is still ringing in her head. Yet, if Angela is the only way that she can protect both herself and her son, she’s going to do anything that she can to make it happen. Also, it’s not like Ghost is all that much help right now, given that he seems to be fairly transfixed on working with Kanan and Tommy in order to take out Dre. We do understand his thinking on some level there, but there’s a good chance that he gets so obsessed with the old life that he loses sight of what really matters here: The people that he cares about.

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