Hawaii Five-0 season 9 spotlight: What’s next for Junior Reigns?

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16What could be coming up next for Junior Reigns on Hawaii Five-0 season 9? He is the focus of this week’s spotlight, and there is a lot of exciting stuff worthy of some discussion here!

For starters, with Junior you’ve got a guy who already has a great backstory carved out within a single season. We know about his time in the military, his family life, some of what he’s been through, and also his blossoming relationship with Tani Rey.

So, moving forward into season 9, we don’t actually think that the Hawaii Five-0 production team really needs to do anything altogether different when it comes to this character. When you’ve established some sort of working formula, why deviate too much from that? We really just want to see the story build more on everything that they’ve given us so far, especially when it comes to showcasing more of what Junior’s life was like before signing up to be a Navy SEAL and just how different it was upon him coming back. Junior is one of the greenest characters on the show in terms of coming off deployment, so there is still a good bit of subject matter to be explored there. There’s a culture change and there may be times when he still finds himself in that space. In going from the military to law enforcement, Junior is doing something reasonably similar — but there are still differences and pointing that out would prove to be important.

Also, moving into season 9 we’d like to see the continued evolution of Junior’s own relationship with Steve. These guys have a good friendship outside of word, really to the point where Steve let him stay at his place for a while. We’ve known Junior to be the sort of guy who shows a lot of respect for authority, but what happens if he starts to go against some of Steve’s wishes on a case? What sort of conflict could stem from that? We also think it would be rather fun if he started to spend a lot of time with Danny and, in turn, some of Danny started to rub off on him in terms of his attitude.

Finally, of course it would be great to further things along when it comes to Junior and Tani. They’re both similar and different at the same time, but we do think that each person brings out the best in the other. While we don’t need to see them engaged or anything by the end of the season, this is one prophecy of Danny’s from the dream episode we want to see come true. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were in some sort of relationship by the end of the season?

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