Doctor Who season 11 boss was very confident casting Jodie Whittaker

Jodie WhittakerFrom the moment that new Doctor Who boss Chris Chibnall saw Jodie Whittaker audition for the role, he felt at that point very confident in one thing: That he was making the right decision.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly as a part of their new feature about the series, Chibnall confirmed that casting Jodie (who he worked with previously on Broadchurch) for the role was “the easiest decision I made in my whole career.” If you’re saying something like that, it’s fair to say that you’re feeling very much confident in your choice.

As for whether or not being the Doctor has lived up to some of Whittaker’s pre-show hype, she confirmed that it has and then some:

“Yeah, absolutely … Absolutely. There is an element of, ‘You are the Doctor for the rest of your life,’ and that’s an honor, and also will be at times probably overwhelming. But that’s the joy of when art reaches the masses. I’m given this platform, and everyone works their arse off to get it seen, and I can’t moan about that. I have had only the positive so far.”

So, from here, the real question is whether or not the series is going to live up to the massive expectations that are out there — and we do, for the time being, feel like they will. The biggest challenge with a show like Doctor Who is mostly just figuring out a way to balance the familiar and the new. There is a certain comfort-food quality to the series that you do want to embrace but beyond that, you also do want to test your audience and make them think and approach the world a different way than before. Based on other quotes that are out there, this is a season that is about hope and imagination — it can be a light in the darkest time.

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