Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Bayleigh’s power; Winston’s rage (day 24, late-night)

BayleighThere are a couple of different things worth noting when it comes to the Big Brother 20 live feeds tonight, but let’s begin with this: Winston did not take his nomination well, at all.

In the aftermath of being put on the block by Scottie, he confronted him and said basically that he would be coming after Scottie and he would make sure, provided that he doesn’t leave the game this week, that he will go home. It was a bold but also rather-scary moment since the guy was really intense during it. Yet, the fascinating thing here is that Scottie actually wants Brett to leave over him, mostly because he realizes that Brett is the calmer, more rational one and therefore the better player of the two. Winston is not particularly-liked by everyone outside of his alliance and therefore less of a threat.

Rockstar seems to agree with Scottie’s assessment, and moving forward these two at least have some sort of plan. We do think that there are some people who won’t want to vote Brett out, but we do think, in the end, that Scottie will have the numbers provided that Sam doesn’t use her power. Given that it expires soon, that is possible.

Speaking of powers, how about we spend a moment now discussing Bayleigh’s? Hers certainly has a good bit of power in its own right, given that with it, she (at least based on what she told Faysal tonight) can create her own nominations and replace the Head of Household’s prior to the Nomination Ceremony. This is a huge advantage, and may actually be the biggest one since you can influence who goes home. Yet, it’s not a full coup d’état since there is still a Veto that can be played and the HoH has the ability to name a replacement nominee. This power can be used until final eight and it does seem like Bayleigh’s going to be around for a while. We really like the alliance of her and Faysal — they each need a solid person to work with that doesn’t have any romance or drama involved. They could be there for each other.

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