Nashville season 6 episode 15 promo analysis: Juliette’s press conference

It really is hard to think that Nashville season 6 episode 15 is the penultimate one of the entire series, mostly because it does still feel like there is so much more story still to tell. How are the producers going to wrap all of this up?

We’ve got the latest promo below, in the event that you haven’t seen it already; there are a few different things worth pointing out here in it.

Deacon – It’s pretty heartbreaking that there is still so much trouble between Deacon and his father, especially since it seems as though there are a number of different reasons for it. When it comes to Deacon in particular, he’s got such a traumatic past with his father that he understandably cannot look past. However, Gideon also has a disease in alcoholism and it still is not entirely clear if this is something that he really is that interested in getting past.

Juliette – Meanwhile, we know that Juliette Barnes is very much interested in taking down Darius’ operation by any means necessary, even if that means calling an impromptu press conference. It does feel like this is a story worthy of more attention than it’s gotten, and unfortunately, we don’t know how it can be wrapped up in a satisfying way.

Alannah – This, meanwhile, is just one that feels fairly unseemly. We’re still trying to figure out if Alannah is trying to just lead Brad on and ultimately destroy his career, or just go along with some of his advances in an incredibly-creepy way.

Scarlett – Much like the Juliette story, it feels like there’s more of an investment that needs to be made when it comes to her and Sean, and we’re just not sure there is going to be enough time to make it.

What do you want to see when it comes to Nashville season 6 episode 15? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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