Take Two episode 4 review: Can Sam trust her ex Dylan?

One of the things that Take Two has done a tremendous job at over the first four episodes is showing that cases are rarely what they seem.

At the start of the episode, Eddie Valetik and Sam Swift found themselves working a case out of necessity: Her ex Dylan had a laptop stolen, and it just so happened to have some valuable material on it — namely, we’re speaking here about a sex tape. While it did turn out that there was someone looking to publish the tape, it turned out that Dylan had a greater incentive than that for wanting the laptop back. He was roped in to a massive heroin operation, one that had millions of dollars at stake. Unfortunately, most of the evidence pointed towards Dylan as the guilty party. If the police found him, he would be arrested for a crime that he, seemingly, did not commit.

Here is what makes things rather interesting: Sam had to decide as to whether or not she wanted to believe in what her ex was telling her, and not that he was a dirtbag trying to use her in order to cover some of his own tracks. It’s not a particularly easy thing for her to do, mostly because of their history and how they broke up in an extremely-dramatic fashion on the red carpet.

So, if Dylan wasn’t a drug dealer, who was? Sam and Eddie didn’t have a whole lot of time to figure things out but nonetheless, they still did. They figure out that Dylan’s manager was using him to run the operation right under his nose. They were able to figure out a way in which to trick the guy so that they could have someone (ironically, the person who originally wanted to publish the sex tape) snatch the computer. Everything was taken care of.

CarterMatt Verdict

For everyone who has been looking to see Sam and Eddie get together on Take Two, tonight was the first time we saw real signs of that. Sam got rid of the sex tape; yet, in the process she also was reminded of some of the feelings that she had towards Dylan. Yet, in turn Eddie was told to come to terms with the idea that he and Sam as a couple could work — we can personally see it, but we do think it should be something that takes time. We just don’t know if the show will have that given recent ratings and the short summer run.

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