Second Save Shadowhunters billboard arrives in Seoul, South Korea

Shadowhunters season 3 castThe second #SaveShadowhunters plane billboard has arrived in Seoul, South Korea, and this one may be even cooler than the first.

Want to see what it looks like? Then all you have to do is look below, courtesy of @HappyTimeMalec on Twitter. This gives you a pretty good sense as to not only where the billboard is placed, but also the messaging at the center of it: “It’s Not Our Last Hunt” alongside #SaveShadowhunters at the bottom. It’s yet another fantastic message and really, a good percentage of Seoul city-dwellers are going to be familiar with this campaign moving forward.

How much sway could Korea’s audience have in saving the show internationally? If the outreach is enough, a bit more than many would immediately assume. Seoul is one of the biggest markets in the world with an active, engaged young audience. These are the sort of people who will celebrate an inclusive, action-packed show that makes you care about its characters.

As we’ve noted earlier, we do think that there are still reasons to be hopeful about the future of Shadowhunters even after a confusing day on Wednesday with changing accounts as to what’s actually happening behind the scenes. The most important thing to remember here is that so long as nobody has said that efforts to save the show are officially dead, there is always still hope. Heck, in some ways we think that there is going to be hope until after the final half of season 3 airs on Freeform. If those episodes manage to get the biggest ratings that we’ve seen for the show in some time, that could in turn be enough to get some people discussing the show again if they’ve stopped at that point.

Basically, remember that sometimes, saving a show is a marathon rather than a sprint and it can take so much longer than anyone would anticipate from the jump.

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