Beyond Chicago Fire season 7, what is the series’ long-term future?

Chicago FireAs many viewers out there know, Chicago Fire season 7 is premiering later this year on NBC. This is going to be a big, pivotal season for the flagship One Chicago show, and much of it starts with the fact that this is the first one to not feature Monica Raymund as a series regular.

In a lot of ways, you can say that we are in a period of great transition for this show. Many of the original contracts for show are winding down, which gives almost everyone involved more flexibility in order to better determine their own future. Beyond just that, this is the time in which networks often like to think about the future for some of their long-running shows. Chicago Fire is especially in an interesting place. The longer it lasts, the more expensive many of its cast contacts become. Yet, at the same time it isn’t pulling in the same hefty syndication dollars that some other shows out there are. With all of this in mind, you do have to wonder just how long the series could go on for.

At the moment, we don’t see any end in sight for many reasons, even with everything that we just referenced. For starters, the Firehouse is really the biggest character in Chicago Fire more so than anything else. While we don’t think the producers or NBC want to lose any other cast members, they could try to move forward even if it happens. We understand, after all, that Chicago is far from home for many of these actors and with that, they may want to spend more of their time closer to their loved ones during the year.

Another reason to imagine Chicago Fire sticking around is simply because of the greater One Chicago universe. It, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD are all a part of the same night now. This is a huge experiment for NBC that could either be a tremendous success or a disappointment. If it pays off in spades, what that means, most likely, is that these shows could all collectively be on for a long period of time. At the moment, though, PD is probably the one with the most-term potential just because it is the one with the biggest syndication deal at the moment and long-term potential. For some reason, cop shows just have the most staying power.

At the moment, we’d be shocked if Chicago Fire doesn’t make it until season 8; beyond that, we could easily see it making it until season 10.

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