Nashville season 6 episode 14 video: Avery, Alannah’s struggle

What’s coming up for Avery and Alannah on Nashville season 6 episode 14? We’ve got more information that within the sneak peek below!

With these two characters, it does feel like they’re in a rather-interesting spot. Alannah and Avery got closer while they were performing together but, when she left, they decided to keep things going. There was some tension there, but they found a way to battle through that and get to the other side.

However, now they are in a different situation where there are some larger forces at play and other people that need to be thought about and considered. To be specific here, we’re talking about Juliette. The two of them have a history — and, to go along with that, they are also parents. That’s a lot for someone else to get involved with, and we do think it’s going to take some time in order for everything to be sorted out here.

Yet, are Avery and Alannah really endgame? We have our doubts about that, especially since for most of the past few years Juliette and Avery have been the pair so many people have been rooting for. We do think that Alannah has a story to tell, but it is a rather-different one than just her being in a relationship with Avery. That’s something that we could see play out a little bit more over the course of the coming weeks.

As a bonus sneak peek, take a look below to see more of what’s going on when it comes to Deacon and his father — we’re still not entirely sure how in the world this particular storyline is going to end.

What do you think is coming for Avery and Alannah on Nashville season 6 episode 14? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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