The Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: New boss on big Maggie storyline

Lauren CohanEven though The Walking Dead season 9 could end up being the final season for Lauren Cohan, there is one thing that is still clear: There are some plans ahead for Maggie. If this is the end for her, there’s a chance that she could go out with quite a bang. Just look at the end of this past season for evidence of it. There is some very-clear tension present between her and Rick over his handling of Negan, and no matter what direction the story does take from here, it does seem fairly clear that this is something that the producers are going to dive back into. After all, you don’t set up this story of story in particular unless you have at least a plan of some sort in order to pay it off down the road.

So what will the story for Maggie look like when we come back? In speaking on the subject now via TVLine, executive producer (and new showrunner) Angela Kang had the following to say:

“When we start off, life is good for Maggie. But Negan still lives in her mind, and [the fact that Glenn’s murderer wasn’t put down] weighs on her. So she has to figure out what she has to do to set that right for herself.”

At the moment, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character is going to be locked away, and this is one of the most curious stories on the show at the moment just because it’s destined to be so much different from anything that happened in the comics. There, Carl was the person he had a good many conversations with after being brought down by Rick and the other characters. Here, the writers are going to have to come up with something new following the departure of Chandler Riggs.

The Walking Dead season 9 is going to premiere on AMC at some point this October. Once there is some further news when it comes to the series, we will be sure to let you know.

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