Code Black season 3 episode 12: Leanne worries about Ariel, Willis continues to care for Rox

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CBS has released 2 sneak peeks for tonight’s episode of Code Black and as we anticipated, it’s going to be an intense one. Last week fans learned that Ariel ran away out of what we believe is fear. Fear that she would be forced to leave Leanne’s care, and she wanted to leave on her terms. However, Leanne learned that the judge was granting Leanne’s request to adopt Ariel and now Leanne is worried sick about her.

Meanwhile, Willis is still caring for Rox has she continues to be in the hospital. It’s clear from every single action of Willis’s that he just wants Rox to be okay and will do anything to make sure that happens.

In the first sneak peek, Willis is seen taking care of a fellow solider’s hand after he punched a window. All the solider can think about is getting back on track so he can go on another tour. Willis tells him 2 tours was enough for him, to which the solider answers he would rather die a hero than a bum. This doesn’t affect Willis has much as we would think; however, when the solider asks him if he is gonna tell on him Willis says it’s not his business. Grateful for that, he tells Willis if he needs anything to let him know believing that he owes Willis. Willis jokingly says he needs a key to the radiology room to look at Rox’s scans. The informs Willis that it’s his lucky day.

The sneak peek once again stresses how Willis feels for Rox. He’s turning into a desperate man looking for answers. He wants so desperately for Rox to be okay that he can’t sit still. He needs to keep doing something to help. Willis is starting to reach his breaking point and we aren’t surprised.

The second sneak peek shows Leanne yelling at Will demanding to know if his daughter, Emily, has heard from Ariel to which he says no. Leanne doesn’t want to believe it so she continues to yell. Jesse enters the room to comfort her saying that they aren’t the enemy because all they want is to help her. Jesse tells Leanne that the police are going to find her. Leanne doesn’t seem to relax at all and we can’t blame her. She has grown to love this girl like she was her own and the fact that she ran away, clearly hurt her. Tonight’s episode is going to be an emotional one and we are excited to watch it.

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