Reverie episode 6 review: Matters of life and death

Reverie episode 6Reverie episode 6 managed to deliver on many different things, but the biggest one is simple: Figuring out a way in which to leave your jaw hanging on the floor again.

How did the episode tonight do that? It’s rather simple: By finally making it clear why losing her sister and her niece still hung over Mara Kent as much as it did. As it turns out, Ray, her evil, murderous brother-in-law, was actually still alive — well, technically. Based on what we saw in the closing minutes of the episode, it seems like he is braindead.

Now, this of course has us wondering so many things, including if Mara is going to try to convince Onira Tech to let her into a reverie with him similar to what we saw earlier this season before the July 4 break. In doing so, maybe she thinks that this could be a chance for her to get a little bit more closure than she had previously. Maybe there are things that she’d like to do that are different.

One way or another, this story is clearly not over. You can make a case that Reverie episode 6 is full of necessary information that we should’ve known before, but in a strange way it makes sense for the story to be like this. After all, Mara is a closed-off character and Reverie is, at least to a certain extent, told through her lens. Remember, we didn’t know before tonight about the extent of Mara’s relationship with psychiatrist Chris, a man with a fantastic mustache and clearly a desire to try to make things better for her. The biggest problem here is that there’s only so much that one man can do. Mara shutting down after losing her sister and niece caused the end of that relationship, and it does seem like she wants to figure out a way to get back to him (though we’re sure there are many Paul / Mara ‘shippers still out there, too).

Chris returned tonight in the context of the case of the week, one revolving around the heartbreaking story of a ballet dancer who lost her ability to dance, and also the baby she wanted to welcome into the world. She was dying in the real world, but preferred to live out the remainder of her days within a reverie with an imaginary version of her daughter. The two could dance together and have a life.

Yet, this was not reality, and beyond that there were people who needed this dancer in the real world. Mara did a good job helping her to better see and understand this in a way that she didn’t understand previously. In turn, Mara also had a better understanding of her own unfinished business.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Is Reverie a little too focused on the individual reveries every week? Sometimes, we think so give that save for the final minutes tonight and the Chris backstory it’s been a fairly quiet last few episodes. The good news, though, is this: We didn’t see the ending for tonight’s episode coming at all and it does raise the stakes for what’s next.

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