Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 7 review: Is Smurf out of prison?

Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 3For most of the past few episodes, we’ve wondered when we would finally get a chance to see Smurf out of prison on Animal KingdomNow, it seems as though the time of wondering has come to a close. At the end of Tuesday night’s new episode that character finally managed to find herself released, something that had to come as a blow to the prosecution — and certainly isn’t just, not that this matters all that much.

After all, we’re talking here about someone who has done some terrible things, while also being accused of more that hasn’t been quite proven just yet. With her out, all of a sudden this season becomes immensely more interesting given that she can run around and commit her own unique brand of havoc.

Also, she may one of the few people who is really qualified to deal with the mess that is Billy, who claims that he is trying to do right by the Cody Boys by working with them on a heist job. It’s complicated but they’ve figured out something for him to do that, presumably, he can’t screw up. Still, we’re somewhat convinced still that he has found a delicate way in order to use them to do more of what he personally wants. Frankie is likely involved here too, as her strategy within this episode seemed to be to get closer to Craig — which she did by opening up a little bit about her apparent past and about how sex is one of the greatest skills someone can possess. Something clearly is going up with her that is still shady, and we consider this just one of many relationship messes going on in the world of Animal Kingdom. For another, take a look at everything that is going on when it comes to Deran or J.

Speaking of J’s relationship history, is Nicky really gone? While she was still alive in this episode, her father seems intent now on taking her back to Guam and getting her away from the Cody family whatsoever. We’re still not sure that there’s enough evidence to say goodbye to this character just yet, but we do have to extract some meaning from the signs that are out there.

CarterMatt Verdict

In between Smurf’s release and getting to see another job put into motion, this was one of the best episodes of Animal Kingdom of the season. While we don’t still have complete closure with everything, including some stuff tied to Baz, we’ve got enough to feel reasonably satisfied in the direction of the story.

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