Big Brother 20 episode 5 review: Who has the BB Store power?

Big Brother 20 premiere
Who has the BB App Store Power? That was the biggest question that we had entering Big Brother 20 on Sunday night, largely due to the fact that the live feeds haven’t actually given that away the past few days.

With that, we’re going to skip ahead and touch on this before we do anything else. We thought going into the episode that Tyler was going to be the recipient of said Power App, mostly because he’s reasonably likable and he’s playing a good game. Plus, he’s the sort of character who is super-popular with casual fans.

Before that, though, Rachel was the recipient of the Crap App … which she responded to by proclaiming that she is a “good person.” It’s not really about that, but okay. Really, the Crap App just goes to the person who is the most irrelevant in the game. That’s Rachel right now. We don’t really feel that much for her at the moment. Beyond Rachel’s meltdown, Swaggy C’s was the best since he specifically noted telling off Winston as something that was a benefit to his game.

Oh, and Tyler does have the Power App, which makes sense given he wouldn’t tell anyone about it. He chose The Cloud, which gives him TWO MONTHS in which he can ensure that he stays off the block. This feels like an immunity idol, one that he has to play before a ceremony if he wants to be safe. It’s possible he could still be vulnerable as a backdoor if he uses the cloud at the nomination ceremony beforehand.

As for the rest of the episode…

It was mostly a combination of shenanigans and also Kaitlyn ego-tripping out of control, proclaiming herself worthy of a Daytime Emmy (even though she’s on a primetime show) while talking about her “senses and sorcery” She’s ridiculous as a Head of Household and she’s certainly setting herself up to be a target a little bit down the line. She didn’t really make herself close with anyone other than ally and caused both her new and old alliances to be paranoid.

Before his HoH, Kaitlyn wasn’t considered a threat by almost anyone. Now, she’s at least someone who could be targeted.

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