The Affair season 4 episode 5 preview: Vik’s decision; echoes of Cole’s father

The Affair season 4Could The Affair season 4 episode 5 change the structure for the entire season as we’ve seen it so far? Based on the first details we’re seeing, it’s possible.

What makes this upcoming episode stand out from the get-go is that you’re seeing much of this story told through the lens of (seemingly) Vik as well as Cole, which means that we’re not just alternating back to Noah and Helen after spending tonight with Cole and Alison. It’s possible that the Vik story is in tandem with Helen, though it is also not entirely clear just where things are with their relationship after Helen told his parents about his cancer diagnosis. She was thinking in terms of what she thought was right without what Vik thought was the right thing to do in the moment. That entire scene really just echoed what many of the difficulties are for some of these characters in this world — everything is nuanced and mistakes are an everyday occurrence. They may not even be mistakes; instead, they are just people being human.

Below, The Affair season 4 episode 5 synopsis offers up some other news and information regarding just what you can expect to see from here:

Vik decides it’s time he started living for himself. But is he ready to face the consequences? Cole meets Nan, an old friend of his father’s, who sends him on a journey to exorcise the ghosts of his past.

This episode should, as a whole, prove to be one of the more interesting/emotional ones this season. For Cole in particular, we know that he’s on a walkabout and if we were to guess, we would say that he is heading out on a journey to Morro Bay — otherwise known as the same place that his father previously visited so many years before on his own journey. This could be a tale of a father’s past meeting his son’s present.

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