Beyond Blue Bloods season 9, how much longer can the series last?

Blue Bloods season 9

At the moment, we’re getting set to prepare for Blue Bloods season 9 and we certainly got a good reason to be excited for it. After all, we’re set to see a new chapter of Jamie and Eddie’s life with the two engaged, and beyond that there’s a new dynamic between Frank and the two of them. Having Jamie in a serious relationship with his partner does change the game for the entire Reagan family, and that’s something that we do want to see evolve as we move deeper into the season.

Yet, we also do want to think of the future of the series far beyond just this. Are we looking at the final season of Blue Bloods? Is this the time of the year that we should really be starting to think about this?

At the moment, we would say that it is not an immediate cause for concern for many different reasons, starting with the fact that Blue Bloods is still a significant ratings champion for CBS. While it may be a pricey show thanks to it filming in New York and having several well-known actors, it’s hard to imagine there being another show on the network that you could plug into its timeslot and it would perform just as strongly. Maybe you make a case for Hawaii Five-0, but it’s also entering its ninth season and there are also going to be questions about its long-term future.

If Blue Bloods does ever end, it feels like it’s not going to be due to the ratings; instead, it would be when some of its cast or producers want to move on. This is the sort of series where it’s hard to lose many permanent cast members and survive it, especially among the Reagans. The live ratings dropped last season by the biggest margin in years after Linda’s exit, and losing any of the main Reagan family members would hurt the show badly. If we ever lose any of those actors, we’re probably looking at the beginning of the end.

Luckily, we think that there’s probably at least two more seasons left in the tank for Blue Bloods. Season 10 feels more like the proper time to have tough questions than season 9, mostly because there is a sense of closure that comes with doing something for a full decade. At that point, we’ll probably start taking questions on the future of Blue Bloods more seriously. For now, though, there’s has not been all that much when it comes to conversation that season 9 will be the last year of the show.

(Photo: CBS.)

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