Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: A new BB App Store mystery (day 17, evening)

Big Brother 20Tonight in the Big Brother 20 house, it looks as though there is going to be another mystery when it comes to the BB App Store. Late this afternoon, many of the house guests were brought into the special room to reveal who was the recipient of the reward and who received the punishment.

We will certainly update this post in the event that there is some more information out there, but for now, nobody is confessing anything in the immediate aftermath of the feeds coming back. It also does not feel like there was a consensus pick to receive the latest power in the same way that there was with Sam week one. It wouldn’t come as all together a surprise if we end up seeing someone like Tyler get the power, Just because he came across as fairly likable through the first week and would be relatively popular with most casual fans of the show. Meanwhile, you can certainly make the argument that people like Swaggy C get the power Just because they probably need it. Yet, there are no guarantees and we certainly don’t think Swaggy has the support of most of the casual community.

What does actually make this particular twist a little bit more interesting is that it is not necessarily just about determining who is the most-popular player in the house. Instead, The twist is geared more towards who is the most trending houseguest for a given week. What that means is that someone could be loathed to such an extent that the voting public decides to give them a ton of votes, but for the negative questions rather than the positive. Trending isn’t always a good thing, after all!  one of the fun, complicated things about this season is that we’re not entirely sure everyone who is voting for the App Store twist really understand the rules fully.

As of right now, the nomination ceremony has not happened yet, but it seems pretty clear as to what exactly is going to happen. All signs point to head of household Kaitlyn choosing to nominate Scottie as well as Winston for eviction. Her main target appears to be Swaggy C, but she wants to put him up in a backdoor situation rather than nominating him directly. We will see as to whether or not that actually works.

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