Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 2 filming will be restricted in Seaside Heights

Jersey Shore Family Vacation filmingHere’s a story that we didn’t see coming — Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 2 filming is not actually going to spend a ton of time in the place that is actually recognizable with the show in Seaside Heights. You’re going to have a chance to see a few different iconic landmarks associated with the series, but soon after that, filming will shift down to a coastal town an hour and a half south in Wildwood.

So why the change? Ironically, it seems as though Seaside Heights wants to become known for actual family vacations, as opposed to a show entitled Jersey Shore Family Vacation that came to make the region associated with something else over the years. Speaking per Us Weekly, Seaside Heights Borough Administrator Christopher Vaz made it clear that production had a permit to film for a couple of days in the location, and that’s about it:

“The subject of the filming was to stop by the house to celebrate two of the cast members’ birthdays and say goodbye to the house … Then visit Casino Pier to observe the post-Sandy improvements before the cast moves to its new Jersey Shore home and location for the balance of the show’s filming season … We were swayed in large part by a desire to say ‘thank you’ to the cast for raising money during their Restore the Shore Telethon that was used to purchase our two performance stages and Boardwalk sun shade structures.

“In the big picture, Seaside Heights supports filming activities – professional studios, college film departments, and even amateur filmmakers – but we have made a conscious decision to move on from the Jersey Shore reality series because it does not fit with our vision for the community as a family vacation destination. Reality TV thrives on conflict, drama and unpredictability. And in the case of the Jersey Shore, ‘Seaside Heights’ became a character of the show which is much different than other filming activities where Seaside Heights simply provides the background (ocean, beach, boardwalk) for the scenes.”

Basically, they don’t want to see the place exclusively known for having loud parties and drunk people — which we get. Still, it’s hard to deny the fact that Jersey Shore put Seaside Heights on the map and without the series, we’d have no idea that the place even existed.

As previously reported, the second season of Family Vacation is going to spend some time in some other locations, and the aforementioned report notes that the series is also eventually going to be heading down to Atlantic City.

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