Shadowhunters: Why the quest to get cast on Ellen could be noble one

Shadowhunters season 3 castWhat are some of the best ways in which to now market Shadowhunters in the midst of the movement to save the show? There are certainly a number of ways in which you can help.

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In addition to those suggestions, though, there is another important question to ponder over: What other ways are there in order to effectively market the series? How can you expose the series to an even larger audience than what it has seen to date? There’s always something great about finding another show to do some of the marketing for you, and that is where Ellen comes into play a little bit more.

You can see via the posts on Twitter below that there is a collaborative book coming entitled Love Makes Us Stronger, one that is meant to show many different networks and shows everything that they have done to date in order to work to make another season happen. This is a series that knows no bounds and is showing, time and time again, that fans will do whatever it takes in order to ensure that there is more of the story told. This book is meant to be delivered to not only many different prospective networks, but then also The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which we do think would be a wonderful venue to discuss the series and its hopes at another season further. While many campaigns to get various shows / people on Ellen end up going nowhere, there are also some others that have worked out. Take, for example, a movement to get the cast of The Fosters on there before their series came to a close. Shadowhunters is a series with such a positive message and Ellen is such a positive show. Getting some sort of presence on that show would continue a trend that we’ve discussed lately that we believe to be very important to this show: Finding real, tangible ways in which to express fandom that executives can see from various companies.

Basically, this is yet another thing for fans to consider when plotting out some of their future campaigns.

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