Cloak & Dagger episode 6 review: The story of Tandy and Mina Hess

Cloak & Dagger episode 6

Cloak & Dagger episode 6 was an episode that threaded together many different stories, but at the end of the hour, we saw Tandy get a little bit closer to something that she has long been seeking: Answers when it comes to what happened to her father.

Ultimately, though, she did not have a chance to learn much when it comes to words. She spent most of the episode undercover in order to get to know Mina Hess, the daughter of the man who worked alongside her father. She’s not anywhere as good at being undercover as she thought, though, and was found out about it not all that long after the fact.

The one thing that Tandy really has to count her blessings on at the moment is that she was not working with someone in Mina who was a stickler for people constantly telling her the truth. She was willing to let Tandy’s lie slide without too much of a problem, largely because she seemed to understand why in which she chose to went about it: Fear. She also didn’t know just who Mina was going to be, but she was actually a little more open with her and allowed her to spend some time with her father … who unfortunately was not in a good enough space medically to tell her anything about Nathan Bowen, Yet, we’ve got a feeling that there is something that she saw within that vision that will be helpful enough for her to move forward with.

Meanwhile, the major story this week for Tyrone revolved around his getting answers of his own regarding his brother, which in part led to him doing anything that he could in order to get closer to Detective Connors. He’s not the only one going after him (O’Reilly is on a hunt of her others), but in the aftermath of a shootout, Tyrone ended up having to use his powers in order to escape. Yet, Duane seems to be not anywhere near as lucky. O’Reilly shot him, and moving into next week we are still curious as to whether or not this character makes it through this situation in one peace.

CarterMatt Verdict

What we saw in Cloak & Dagger episode 6 overall was yet another story all about characters doing everything that they can in order to properly deal with and manage some of their hurt and pain. It’s clearly going to be hard for both Tyrone and Tandy to conquer their demons, just as it is still difficult for them to figure out how to handle their powers.

Yet, over time, we feel like they will each have a way in which to better figure things out. To think, we are still very early on in this journey.

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