Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Has Kaitlyn flipped? (day 16)

Kaitlyn HermanWe’re getting closer to the live eviction show, and at the moment the Big Brother 20 live feeds are a wonderful sort of mess.

Basically, it looked for most of the week like the vote to evict Sam was going to be 7-6, with her then needing her power in order to stick around for another week. Tyler and the Level 6 alliance (plus JC) have executed a really risky plan to try to get at least one more vote on their side … and as of right now, that vote is Kaitlyn. He and the alliance are using two different things to sway her over.

1. The belief that Brett has a power – They claim that this is something that could spell consequences for the people who vote to evict Sam this week. With that, she’s making a move out of fear that something could happen to her if she keeps Steve.

2. Tyler’s acting – After a conversation with Swaggy, Tyler claimed to her that Swaggy “said” that Kaitlyn is at the bottom of the alliance. Kaitlyn bought into it, mostly because of Tyler’s body language after the conversation.

The biggest reason this plan is so risky for Level 6 is that if Sam plays her power tonight, Kaitlyn will know that a lot of what she’s been told will be a lie — with that, the house becomes even crazier. If Sam stays without needing her power, things remain a mystery for a little while longer.

The funny thing is that after Kaitlyn announced that she was flipping, Rockstar and Haleigh seemed to be somewhat interested in talking her out of doing it. Yet, after she left they basically confirmed that Kaitlyn is on the bottom of their alliance and with that, there could be some justification in her flipping, after all. Personally, though, we wouldn’t do it if we were her; she can always flip down the road and there’s no reason to make herself a target so early in the game.

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There’s still time for things to change, but for right now it seems as though Sam is actually going to stay in the game without the power.

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