Code Black season 3 episode 11 review: Did Rox die? Ethan’s realization

Code Black season 3 episode 11
Code Black 
season 3 episode 11 did everything that it could in order to push the series towards the series finale, and as the story went along, a few different things were made clear.

For starters, Ethan finally admitted to himself that he was in love with Rox … though we do wish that it came about under slightly better circumstances. On tonight’s new episode we saw Rox’s life on the line after a terrible incident, and this caused Willis to reflect on everything that brought him to this place — including the way in which he treated her before she was in danger. This was a powerful story, but also at the same time a fantastic Rob Lowe performance that proves further his capability to hit a story out of the park when given an opportunity.

The good news here is that Rox is probably going to make it (she was at least being transported at the end of the episode), and we do hope that on the other side of this, we do get a chance to see and learn more about what their relationship could look like. (Granted, there are still some pretty big conversations that need to happen before we get around to that point.)

All of this was wonderful, but of course Code Black refused to let you leave the episode completely smiling. After all, Leanne spent the bulk of the episode excited to tell Ariel about the adoption hearing. Yet, when she arrived home to deliver the good news, she was met with a very sad dose of reality: Ariel wasn’t there. Why was she gone? That’s one of the mysteries that could be resolved in these final episodes. It’s clear that she had gone through a lot as of late but this was going to be a way for her and Leanne to be more of an actual family for a change.

As for some of the medical cases that we had a chance to see tonight, the one that impacted us the most was getting a chance to see two long-long twins reunite in the hospital, never quite realizing that the other one was out there. One was needed in order to give the other a valuable transplant, but there was tension as to whether or not it would happen. For starters, there were medical issues holding it back and, beyond that, the brother in need of the transplant felt that his twin, who grew up with his biological mother, would be too selfish to go through with it. That didn’t happen.

In the aftermath of all of this, there is one other question to wonder: Are we going to see Mario stick around as an attending, and in turn, is Noa going to leave for another hospital? Consider these questions for next week.

CarterMatt Verdict

Another great, heartfelt episode of Code Black that serves as another reminder as to why we love this show — yet, in turn, why we’re also going to miss it so much. There’s always going to be a part of us crossing our fingers for an eleventh-hour renewal.

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