Criminal Minds season 14 spotlight: What could lie ahead for Emily Prentiss?

Emily PrentissFor this edition of our ongoing Criminal Minds season 14 spotlight series, CarterMatt is putting the focus on someone we know is so very loved in the Criminal Minds community and that’s Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss. She’s delivered great performances when it comes to her character being both out in the field and also back in the BAU. She’s also proven herself to be a worthy leader since taking over the post, taking charge while also still knowing when it’s good to lean on others. Some of her scenes within the Linda Barnes storyline were among the best that we had through all of season 13.

So what should be coming up next? We’ve got some suggestions below as we hope for the best season for Prentiss yet.

1. What is Emily’s private life like at this point? – We’re not necessarily speaking in terms of just love interests; what we love sometimes about Criminal Minds is its ability to paint characters’ lives away from work as just vignettes. The series has done a good job of this with Luke Alvez, and they also did a rather-nice job of this with Rossi recently when we learned about his carbonara ritual. That’s a great way of showing, even with just one simple scene, something new about a character.

2. Explore some individual relationships – What we love on Criminal Minds sometimes are the episodes are split up and you have team members working in small groups. This gives some opportunities to explore new dynamics and also better understand character relationships. Wouldn’t it be fun to have an episode that is just a Prentiss / Garcia storyline, or one that features her exclusively working alongside Simmons?

3. An intellectual rival – We had that last season with Barnes, someone who challenged Prentiss’ authority as the leader of the BAU and someone who tried to dismantle the unit as we knew it. Yet, she still was convinced that her methods were correct and she wanted to stop evil in its tracks. Moving forward, we’d love to see Emily take on a threat that is more external, an UnSub who is especially dangerous and targeting either her or other members of the BAU she watches over. It could cause Prentiss to have to act in a way that she often isn’t forced to — we of course don’t want anything terrible to happen to Emily or anyone else, but of course danger and adversity often lead to great performances and we’re absolutely all about that.

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