Nashville season 6 episode 13 video: Will anyone wrap up series a star?

Nashville season 6 episode 13 is going to be coming your way on CMT Thursday night and based on the latest sneak peek for it below, there are even more questions worth asking when it comes to various characters and star power. How much of it do they have left and, beyond just that, are there some ways in which they can find a way to get some of it back?

It’s interesting that the character who is seemingly on the rise the most at the moment is Daphne, the youngest person on the series. Yet, in becoming more famous, she’s also losing a big sense of who she is. We know already that Brad is controlling, and with her, he’s trying to craft her into what he thinks is the perfect version of a “star.” By his definition, a star is someone who just makes money for him who he can exploit emotionally.

Meanwhile, Juliette’s career is currently on life support, but beyond just that she realizes that there are a wide array of other problems she is facing — especially when it comes to her relationship with Avery, who has moved on in many ways to Alannah. These two are really close now, and that’s why in the video below she worries that the relationship with Avery that she has is never going to be the same anymore.

Then, you can add Maddie to all of this, and really her future status as an entertainer remains unclear given that so much of her status as a star as of late has been attached to her dating life. That’s good for short-term headlines but not so great for long-term individuality.

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