Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Bayleigh’s emotional story; Kaitlyn vs. Faysal

Bayleigh DaytonAs we near the end of day 14 in the Big Brother 20 house, there are a couple of interesting things to discuss, with the first one being completely unrelated to the game at all.

Instead, earlier this evening Bayleigh had a conversation with JC in which she discussed being sexually assaulted at the age of 17 and how it ended up defining a significant portion of her life. Because of that, she is trying to stand up now and be a voice to help others. That’s not an easy thing for many to open up and discuss, especially in this era where there are so many people willing to attack the accuser on social media just as much as the accused. We applaud her for her bravery, especially since we are talking about the Big Brother 20 live feeds and this is often a place that is full of cynicism.

We know that it is easy to sit here and point out the irony of Bayleigh telling this to JC given that he is someone who has done many inappropriate sexual things in the house already, but remember that she’s not on the outside reading headlines. It’s an insulated world in there.

Within the game, the other major breaking news tonight is that Kaitlyn continues to crumble after only just a couple of weeks. Tonight, she had a messy argument with Faysal in which she accused him of being upset over the amount of time she has spent with Brett and Winston. While she made some good points — and Faysal did create this mess by showing Kaitlyn that he was just as close to Haleigh, if not closer — both of them need to realize that they could end up breaking up their alliance will before its time and that is bad news for their longevity this season.

For now, there is no change to the vote — Sam is still likely leaving on Thursday night.

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