Shadowhunters season 3 episode 11 air date: What’s the top possibility?

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilersWe’ve spent a good bit of time over the past couple of weeks discussing Shadowhunters and the ongoing quest to save the series so, for the sake of today, we want to look at things from a slightly-different angle. The goal today is to ask some questions through the lens of precisely when the right time would be for Freeform to air the second half of season 3 to the benefit of both viewers and also the campaign.

We should start off by saying this: Even if actors go off and book other shows over the coming months, that does not mean that Shadowhunters is dead forever. There is always a chance the property could be revisited down the road, but this is something that we can address further when we get around to it. We obviously want to see more news regarding a possible season 4 at another network/streaming service long before we get around to 2019, which is when the remaining episodes are currently slated to air.

So when is the best time to bring Shadowhunters back, provided of course that Freeform doesn’t do everyone a solid and give us the second half of season 3 soon? From our vantage point, there is no better time than January of 2019, provided the goal is to get the series the strongest ratings possible.

If you look back at the ratings history for Shadowhunters, the series drew some of its best numbers when it was airing at the start of the year. It’s a time that just makes sense, mostly because younger viewers aren’t in the thick of school / college as much as later on in the spring. Also, there are just fewer distractions around — Shadowhunters, like many other shows, needs live viewers as a way to show enthusiasm for the brand. The more of those that they can get, the better that it is. We do think that we’ve explained over time that DVR / international viewers do matter, but it’s all at a scale. Getting people to watch live on traditional television is the most important.

Who knows? If some of these episodes next year draw good ratings and actually improve on the first part of season 3, it could cause someone to revisit the idea of bringing the show back if it hasn’t been revived already. As we’ve noted, we don’t want to have to wait that long, but with no new episodes from now until 2019 fans cannot rely on viewership as a way to express support. Until that time, you’ve got things like Twitter hashtags (#SaveShadowhunters recently hit ten million) in addition to stunts like flowing an airplane banner over Netflix’s Headquarters and buying a billboard for five minutes in Times Square.

The other advantage to a January premiere is simply this: If we’re not getting the show back until 2019, that is the shortest period of time we have to wait.

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