Power season 5 video: Series boss on major premiere events, what’s next

Ghost, Tommy, and KananIt feels reasonable to say that the Power season 5 premiere had a wide array of fairly shocking twists at the center of it. It was an episode about mourning, but, beyond that, it’s also an episode about betrayal. Yet, we still have characters who are scrambling. One of the people who is scrambling more than anyone else is Tariq.

In the video below, show boss Courtney A. Kemp does her part to explain why Tariq decided to make the shocking move that he did and inform Dre of the plan that was brewing against him — that is, in turn, another good reminder that just because Ghost feels one way doesn’t mean that his son does. His sister is dead because of his actions, and he is still struggling to stay afloat in the aftermath of everything. This is a guy who still have a lot that he needs to figure out, but unfortunately, he has not made it to the point just yet where he can really find his way above water. That is going to take some time, mostly because Ghost is not going to be the sort of character who directly shows him the light.

One of the most interesting things about this video is that Kemp confirms that there was a plan at one point for Dre to die in the premiere, but rather than go down that route it was eventually decided instead that it is a little bit more interesting to have this character continue to play this role of bad guy and power-broker for at least a little while longer. This allows him to be front and center for some more chaos, which is exciting as a viewer since we want to see some more showdowns. Also, it would’ve felt almost a little anticlimactic to lose Dre after spending so much time building towards the idea of the character being a sort of Big Bad figure.

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