Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 6 review: A tale of gunfire

Molly GordonGoing into Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 6, we knew thanks to some of the promos that there was going to be a big story coming in terms of Nicky. Now, we’ve seen that play out and the closing minutes of the episode did leave things up in the air. Is Molly Gordon leaving? That is absolutely something to wonder about right now.

If this is the end for Nicky, it’s not exactly the most prideful way to be killed off as a character. As a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the most depressing. In the closing seconds of the episode we saw her, drugged-out and feeling more abandoned than ever before, play around with a gun in her haze. When this happens, and with her feelings more than likely suicidal on some level, she shot herself in the leg. She didn’t fully understand what she was doing, but it still caused her to bleed out all over the place until J found her on the other side of realizing (again) that he and the other boys needed to get another job going. (For now, there is no confirmation that Gordon is gone — she’s at least got one more episode coming in the future.)

Before this, J hadn’t been altogether kind to Nicky, basically telling her that nobody wanted her not long after her father made it clear that he didn’t want her around, either. Is it true that Nicky is one of the series’ biggest irritants at times? Sure, but we do think that she’s unfairly treated by fans — she’s someone trying to survive in a dangerous situation, and is it really so wrong for her to want the best for J given everything that they’ve been through? We don’t quite think so.

J is certainly feeling a lot of pressure right now, mostly because Smurf’s got him running around trying to clean up all of the various loose ends that are stemming from what happened with Javi. He doesn’t seem capable of walking away, even when some other offers are presented to him.

Other trouble

The biggest thing to point out right now is simply the uncertain status us Lena in Pope’s life, largely due to the fact that child services seem to be looking into what is happening with her after the incident in school. He’s not a biological parent to her, and with that, there are some hard times coming for the child if she stays there — even if Pope does care for her on some level.

CarterMatt Verdict

In between Nicky’s very poor decision and some of the craziness elsewhere, this was yet another intense, entertaining Animal Kingdom episode. Yet, doesn’t it still feel like the show could be getting more use out of Denis Leary, their new cast member and one of the most-famous people they have?

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