Evangeline Lilly has no interest in Lost reboot (and neither should we)

Lost -The idea of a Lost reboot / revival is something that we’ve heard discussed across the internet rather often, but at the same time we’ve yet to find a single, tangible reason as to why it should happen. As polarizing as the series finale was, it was also still an ending. It’s hard to imagine doing anything else within that world; even a spin-off wouldn’t seem to have much wait knowing where many of the characters were ending up at the end.

Lost, at least to us, is a story about experience. It’s about the experiences that brought these people to the island, what happened there, and also what happened later alongside what could have happened. For viewers, watching the show was us experiencing the emotions that come with a search for community and, in some cases, with a longing for atonement. It’s one of the shows that never needs to be revisited again. There’s no merit to it.

Judging from what former series star Evangeline Lilly had to say on the subject, while promoting her new Ant-Man and the Wasp, she seems to agree. Check out some of her comments (via Entertainment Weekly) below:

“There’s a rumor every year that they are going to reboot Lost … The thing about reboots and remakes is that I don’t like them in general, period. I want people to leave Star Wars alone! I did love Rogue One, as an aside. But for the most part, I don’t usually love them. I feel like it’s just tainting something that’s precious. I’ve said I don’t want to do things in the past and I’ve done them — you know, never say never — but sitting where I am today, my assumption is no.”

We’d love to say that the idea of a Lost reboot could be put to rest sooner rather than later, but the reality here is that this seems unlikely. The reason why these questions get asked so often is because, to be frank, it’s such an easy question for journalists to ask. Many of them are in a tough spot doing these interviews promoting movie projects — they can’t give away spoilers, yet they also cannot ask questions so in-depth that viewers who don’t know the story will be confused. These are just safe questions that can draw plenty of headlines.

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