Chicago Med season 4 spotlight: what’s does Dr. Natalie Manning’s future hold?

Chicago Med - Natalie Manning

NBC’s Chicago Med’fourth season has been set up to be quite the season in regards to the characters’ personal lives. During Season 3, Dr. Sarah Reese’s estranged father reentered her life only to make Dr. Daniel Charles worry that he had alternative motives. Dr. Charles confronted him, only for Sarah’s father to suffer a heart attack. Connor receives an offer from Mayo Clinic, which further strains his relationship with Dr. Ava Bekker. April broke up with Dr. Ethan Choi after April had no sympathy left for Ethan’s sister after she has continued to show her reckless behavior.

For Dr. Natalie Manning, an important decision has to be made. Just as she and Will were getting back on track, Natalie discovered who Will fooled around with during their time apart and as she storms out Will proposes. We don’t see her answer. So heading into season 4, what does the future hold for Natalie?

An answer – When the series returns this fall we hopefully will be getting an answer from Natalie in regards to Will’s proposal. Obviously we want Natalie to say yes, but under the circumstances we honestly can see it going both ways. On one hand, we know that Natalie loves Will, but finding out that Will was so easily able to be attracted to someone during their short time apart hasn’t sat well with her. She’s always been hurt by his actions and during the finale, the discovery of the mystery woman brought back all those original feelings. So with that in mind, she could say no because she’s angry and hurt. However, she could say yes and see it as a sign that Will truly loves her and only her. Either way, we are hoping to find out what she said when the series returns.

Cases that challenge Natalie – One of the things that we love about Natalie is that she is confident in her forms of treatment when it comes to her patients. When she suspects a patient has a certain illness or disease, Natalie doesn’t let anyone stand in her way. She takes on challenges and we love to watch that. So we hope the writers continue to show this during Season 4. It shows a lot about her character and her skills as a doctor.

The new new chief of trauma – As we learned in the final seconds of the Season 3 finale, the hospital has a new chief of trauma. The show hinted throughout the season that changes were coming after Sharon made risky calls in order to do right by the patients. The hospital’s board clearly never liked this so we weren’t totally surprised by the shake up. However, how will the new chief interact with the doctors? Doctors like Natalie don’t always stay within the boundaries and this might clash with the new chief if the chief is being controlled by the board. So heading into Season 4, Natalie might be facing push back from her new boss.

Chicago Med is set to premiere on September 26, 2018 on NBC. For more news related to Chicago Med, be sure to visit this link.

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