Elementary season 6 episode 10 review: Was Mycroft murdered?

Elementary season 6Elementary season 6 episode 10 was, at least in part, a story about Sherlock and Morland Holmes trying to work to manage their grief. However, by the end of the episode the father-and-son duo realized that they were many more problems that they were going to have to be aware of moving forward.

To be specific, Moriarty seems to be back — maybe not physically back on-screen, but back pulling strings behind the scenes. She was responsible for hiring people responsible for targeting Morland, and she may have been behind the death of Mycroft, as well. Sherlock located the purported killer, someone who excelled at making his killings look like natural deaths, but the man chose to commit suicide before allowing any information to split. He denied killing Mycroft, claiming that he was in a different part of the world, but you do still have to wonder. It just stinks that Sherlock isn’t going to be getting any closure on the subject.

If there was a time to revisit the Moriarty storyline — arguably the best one that the series has ever done — this is the perfect time to do so. She is one of the series’ most-notorious adversaries and there are always going to be reasons to be excited when her name is spoken. Yet, there is still a creative challenge that remains in crafting these stories given that Natalie Dormer, like Rhys Ifans before her, has not appeared on the series in quite some time.

As for the case of the week, we had a chance to see everything from thieves, art forgeries, and valuable Egyptian artifacts. Really, this felt like the perfect case for Elementary — one that felt like it could have been a part of a Sir Arthur Conan Boyle book. If there was a problem with it, though, it’s that Elementary was probably too intent on mixing in this story of the week with everything going on with Sherlock and Morland Holmes. We know that this is a procedural, but sometimes, this show would be better off just slowing things down and allowing some of the larger stories to take center stage. Otherwise, it just feels like all parts of the show are getting the short end of the stick.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Elementary season 6 episode 10 proved to be a very important hour of television, but also an entertaining one. Lucy Liu did an excellent job as director for this episode, establishing a real sense of tension and also a tease for something that could be coming down the road. We just hope that Mycroft gets more of a send-off down the road since he really didn’t get all that much of one tonight.

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