Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Swaggy v. Winston; more JC headlines

JC MonduixThere are a lot of different things to get into with this Big Brother 20 live feed evening update for day 13, but let’s start by circling back to a discussion that we first had at the start of the weekend regarding JC and his live-feed antics. At that time, he was under fire for touching Tyler’s crotch; now, some of his antics, which include trying to place an ice-cream scooper on the crotch of multiple female houseguests, are now make headlines across multiple publications.

Is this a situation that CBS or producers can avoid dealing with? In the climate today, it’s going to be a challenge. They are facing a situation at the moment where they have a controversial houseguest who isn’t slowing down his patterns of bad behavior, and it feels like other players are hesitant to say anything out of fear of it impacting their game. We know that CBS doesn’t love to get involved in house matters, as they didn’t saying anything during many of the antics in season 15, but you can certainly make the case that they should have gotten involved by now.

As for the game, it still does seem right now that Sam is going to be (at least temporarily) evicted in a 7-6 vote, but Tyler is starting to figure out that it is Kaitlyn who could be the most likely to flip if there continues to be some resentment from her towards Haleigh and Faysal over the whole stupid love-triangle-that-is-not-completely-that. One of the most amusing moments of the season on the feeds came earlier today, when Faysal and Haleigh were under the covers when Kaitlyn walked in and he jumped, almost like he was caught by one of his parents.

We’ve also got a game of chess going on right now between Swaggy C and Winston, who are really trying to play each other. Winston’s trying to make Swaggy comfortable, while Swaggy is trying to make him paranoid. Really, they’re just making each other bigger targets.

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On a more lighthearted subject, JC got married to Sam the Robot today in a ceremony officiated by Rockstar … were it not for everything we’ve already discussed here, maybe this would be more endearing

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