This Is Us season 3: What flash-forwards we would like to see

This Is Us season 3NBC’s This Is Us is famous for adding in twists that we never saw coming and making us cry buckets of tears every Tuesday night, and this past season we were introduced to a new concept; the flash-forward. Previously the series featured flashbacks to the Pearson children’s childhoods and to Jack and Rebecca’s marriage. However, the Super Bowl episode introduced the flash-forward and it continued in the finale, when we saw Randall and an adult Tess feel unprepared to see an unnamed female, though neither is ready to do so. We also saw Kate nursing a cripplingly depressed Toby and Kevin and Zoe fly to Vietnam together. These were mind-blowing scenes and when we realized this show would forever surprise us.

So heading into Season 3, we hope the show continues to do this. If the show were to start season 3 in the present and slowly show us more of what we saw in the flash-forward, the series could build meeting halfway between the two time periods for a dramatic finale. It would be a great way to tell the story from a different angle.

Personally, we would be interested in seeing Kate and Kevin in a flash-forward from the same time as we saw older Randall. Obviously, Randall is dealing with something in his own life, so we want to see what Kate and Kevin have going on in their lives during this time. Is the unknown “she” related to them as well? It’s possible, or they twins could have their own issues happening. Either it would be curious to see what they are up to. In addition, the flash-forwards we got of Kate and Toby and Kevin and Zoe didn’t appear to be too far into the future so we want to know what Randall is doing during this time. For instance, what is the relationship with Deja like, given that the last time we saw her, she was smashing Randall’s car.

Fans have many questions following the Season 2 finale and while we want answers we also want to know more, which will bring on more questions. However, that’s okay. This show has the ability to tell so many great stories to tell and many that we haven’t even thought of. The element of these flash-forwards opened up another door of great stories and we can’t wait to watch them.

This Is Us returns September 25, 2018 on NBC. For more news related to This Is Us, be sure to visit this link.

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