Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: The love triangle that isn’t (day 13, morning)

HaleighWe’re kicking off our Big Brother 20 live feed updates this morning with a look at what has to be one of the most ridiculous love triangles that we’ve seen in a while … mostly because it’s being made into something that is infinitely more dramatic than it is.

Basically, Faysal loves attention from the ladies, and he’s made some sort of a meal out of the attention that he’s received from both Haleigh and also Kaitlyn. He’s also tried the same line on both of them, even though Kaitlyn already has a boyfriend back home. Still, he created a whole spectacle overnight over how he really wants to be with Haleigh and how he’s worried about any blowback from Kaitlyn.

What we find somewhat amusing about all of this is that Haleigh doesn’t really seem altogether concerned in the slightest about whether or not Faysal is with her romantically at this point. It feels like once she found out that Faysal was playing the field that turned off the switch — at least for now. She’s being kind and selling much of what he needs to hear, but it feels more because she doesn’t want to rock the boat of her alliance. Remember here that these two are working with Swaggy C, Kaitlyn, and Rockstar in a close five-person group who is helping to control things in the house this week. Add to the five Bayleigh and Scottie, and you’ve got all of the votes to save Steve and, in theory, send Sam out of the game.

We are curious (at least to some extent) to see how CBS chooses to edit Faysal during all of this “romance,” and then also Swaggy, who acts in his conversations with Faysal like he is puppet-mastering Bayleigh to do what he wants romantically. It’s certainly unappealing but really, this entire situation is unappealing. This is why showmances are so problematic for most players’ games since they lose the fortitude to think about actually playing. Faysal already seems primed to give up his whole game for Haleigh if she tells him this is the right thing to do.

As for the game, there really isn’t any huge change to the vote right now and we think that Sam is going to have to use her power, no matter how it works, in order to stay alive. The reason why it’s valuable for there to be some votes to evict Steve is simple due to the fact that you want to give Sam some allies to work with in the event she sticks around.

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