Big Brother 20 episode 3 review: The BB App Store + how Sam’s twist works

Sam RobotHow does Sam’s twist work on Big Brother 20? Going into the new episode that aired on CBS Sunday night, that’s one of the things that we were the most curious about.

Before getting into that, though, we did get a good sense during the episode as to why some of the other players were frustrated with her. That tends to be what happens when you say that you hate everyone in the house and act frustrated that you have to be “fake” to be around them. It’s just the sort of thing that would get any houseguest in trouble and it really doesn’t matter who you are. We do still love her as a character, mostly because of the fact that she is different, endearing, and spends half of her time in the house living as a robot … or at least that’s been the case right now.

Now, let’s get into the rules of the App Store itself — it’s the houseguest who is the “most trending” who ends up getting the prize, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most liked. They’re just generating the most conversation. One person receives a prize, whereas the least-trending person gets a punishment.

First and foremost, we saw Faysal receive the first punishment of the season: Food deliveries via Hamazon. It’s vegan ham that’s being delivered to him and he has to chow down on it whenever there is a delivery sent his way. Then, we saw Swaggy C get ridiculously sulky for whatever reason that he was not the most-popular person in the game. What did the guy expect?

We’re honestly surprised that more people in the game didn’t predict Sam would get it, mostly because she’s been the victim of the robot punishment and because of that, people felt rather sorry for her. She was thrilled to get an advantage, and she had to figure out precisely what she wanted to do out of the possible advantages. She chose Bonus Life, and what that means is that over the next few weeks, she has an opportunity to either save herself or someone else from eviction. She’ll be able to return to the game; yet, if she doesn’t use it by week 4, whoever is evicted then will have a chance to return.

Also in this episode..

FOUTTE and Level 6 were born as alliances! Basically, what you need to know is that Rachel, Winston, Brett, Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler are on one side. JC is reasonably close to the these players, and then everyone else is working together.

Ultimately, most of this episode to us was about the twist, at least in terms of new information. We’re very curious to see how that turns out.

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