Shades of Blue season 3 episode 3 review: Is Stahl actually back?

Shades of BlueShades of Blue season 3 episode 3 was certainly one of the more challenging episodes of the season, mostly in that it showcased exactly the divide between Harlee and Wozniak — in addition to the fact that her fears over Stahl were becoming more and more prevalent.

Early on in the episode, we saw Nava’s funeral; yet, by the end of it we got a sense that Stahl may be very well back in New York. There were some other issues that she had to deal with, as well, including Gina playing stowaway for a little while in order to escape Stahl’s clutches. She came to her claiming that Stahl was in the city and hunting her down; yet, she may have been taking advantage of the situation in order to get lodging, and to play a little bit of Harlee dress-up for the sake of seeing how the other half lives.

Yeah, it’s pretty clear that Gina has some of her own problems, which is one of the reasons why Harlee eventually did kick her out. There were also some others, though, including just how Gina told Cristina about everything that happened with her mom and Stahl. This was a big moment for Harlee and her daughter, one in which she had to start letting go of some of her desire to protect her. Harlee had to realize that if she was going to take her daughter to the shooting range, she had to also be okay with her knowing the full extent of how bad things were with Stahl. Otherwise, there would only be a growing divide between the two.

As for what else was happening within this episode, we saw Loman go so far as to intimidate a witness in order to ensure that Harlee didn’t get in any trouble. He had to put himself on the line, while also dealing with a grieving father, in order to ensure that the right story got out there. What made this all the more uncomfortable was that the reporter who wanted to get some of this information out there was Wozniak’s son. When a potential story slipped through his cracks, understandably a divide started to form there. Woz is hiding information from those closest to him and there could be many problems that stem from that.

CarterMatt Verdict

The closing image of Stahl’s apparent return is the part of this episode that is going to stick with us the most, and for a wide array of reasons. All of this pain in Harlee’s life could be starting to come back, and in the process of that this trauma could lead to some significant consequences.

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