Should The Amazing Race 31 operate with same schedule as season 30?

Amazing Race 30 return dateAs of late, there have absolutely been many headlines surrounding The Amazing Race 31 filming, and we also know that the cast is set to officially feature CBS reality TV alum. (We know that some people out there have already identified the cast, but we’re not going to do that here for the sake of leaving it for the official announcement.)

What we are wondering more for the sake of this article is rather simple: Is it really the right move for The Amazing Race 31 to premiere at the same exact time the past season did? We’re referring of course to season 30 premiering in January, where it ran over the course of a short period of time until we got around to Survivor starting once more in its timeslot.

From one vantage point, it does make some sense to premiere this season in the fall given that you’ve got so many known names on it; not only that, but season 30 performed pretty well! It was the highest-rated season of the show years and we like to think that this proved to CBS that this format does still have value in it in the event you find the proper venue in which to air it. That’s something that they did a pretty terrible job with back when it was airing on Friday nights.

Yet, you can also make an argument that The Amazing Race did well with this past season because of where it was airing. Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. is the best timeslot for the show in a while, and while doing so many two-hour episodes can be demanding, there’s not a lot of other TV on that time of year — or at least that was the case in 2018 with the Winter Olympics. Given that the Race isn’t on the fall schedule for 2018, we do think that this is the likely venue for season 31. Beyond that, we also think that it’s the right one. Even if this means only getting a single season of the Race a year, we’re all for that if it keeps the show on for many more years. The same goes for getting these seasons with already-famous people in the cast.

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