Blue Bloods season 9: Should David Ramsey return?

Blue Bloods season 9

One of the great things about Blue Bloods running for so many years is that over time, the series built up a great cache of guest stars. David Ramsey is just one of them.

Prior to landing the role of John Diggle on the CW series Arrow, Ramsey played the role of Carter Poole on the CBS show and continued to hold the role for several years even after getting the new gig. It was tough work, given that David had to effectively fly in to New York, film the bulk of his scenes within a tiny period of time, and then head back to Vancouver for Arrow. Since he was a regular on the superhero show, it always had top billing. In the end, that may have been one of the reasons why Poole eventually resigned. For Blue Bloods, we imagine why they wanted to shift over to a new Mayor, most recently Margaret Dutton. They want to be able to use the Mayor on more of a regular basis and while Ramsey seemed to enjoy doing the role and playing off of Tom Selleck, his availability was limited.

Now that he doesn’t have the pressure of that position, though, it feels right to raise the question again: Could you bring Ramsey back in some capacity now? Just because he is no longer the Mayor doesn’t rule him out from future appearances. David Bloomberg is proof that even as a former Mayor, you can still have a lot of clout. Also, it frees up Poole to do whatever he wants in regards to his relationship with Frank. He doesn’t have to worry about formality and can either take on Frank or work alongside him when the moment is right. We actually would love to see the two work side by side to stop a crisis in New York. It’d be a welcome change from the tension that they’d had in the past, plus an acknowledgment of the history that they have. It would also make for a particular memorable episode, and if it was just for a single hour, you could probably make it work with Ramsey’s schedule.

In the end, the biggest reason to get Ramsey back on the show is simple: He’s a great actor and if you love Blue Bloods, it just makes sense to want as many good actors around as possible.

Blue Bloods season 9 returns to CBS with new episodes in September. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates — until then, let us know in the comments if you want to see Ramsey again.

(Photo: CBS.)

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