Instinct finale preview: Could Julian put Lizzie in jeopardy?

Instinct episode 7
Moving into the Instinct finale airing on CBS Sunday night, there are many different questions that are worth wondering.

For starters, is it possible that Lizzie’s new-found relationship with Julian could cause her some problems with her job? Romantically, not so much — Julian’s not an employee with the NYPD and with that, it’s really none of the department’s business unless he is a criminal or does something to complicate an investigation. Well, this is where the kicker comes into play…

While we don’t know for sure if some information obtained by Julian in a rather-mysterious manner, whether it be in this case or ones in the past, is illegal, we do know, per the synopsis for the finale, that it could end up hampering a position promotion Lizzie was set to receive. This is her actions possibly coming back to hurt her in a rather-unexpected way. She has to be prepared for that, and we also wonder if this could, in turn, hamper whatever sort of romantic relationship the two were starting to have.

Bonus sneak peek

This doesn’t really have anything to do with anything described above, but this is a fun opportunity to see Dylan and Lizzie out working on a case — and, in the process, a chance to see precisely how the relationship between these two has evolved from where it was at the start of the season. It also feels rather clear, at least based on the scarves that these characters are wearing, that the original plan may not have been to air this episode at the end of June. It’s clearly set in another time.

Nonetheless, we’re excited for the Instinct finale and, beyond that, interested in seeing whatever the writers decide to do with a season 2.

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What do you think will be coming up on the Instinct finale on CBS this weekend? Share some of your early thoughts/hopes in the comments!

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