Big Brother 20 live feeds: JC touches Tyler’s crotch; should there be punishment?

JC Monduix
Well folks, we have our first major controversy of Big Brother 20and it really didn’t take all that long for it to happen.

The incident in question came in Friday night following the Veto Competition, when JC walked up to Tyler (who was lying down and talking with many other women in the house) and rubbed his hand across his crotch. Tyler quickly reacted, as did many of the other women in the game. This is already getting some traction in the fandom and, as a result of that, it does have us wondering whether or not this is something that should be tolerated within the rules of the game.

Are people defending JC online? Certainly, and they would probably suggest that either JC was joking or there were conversations about it before the feeds went up. Either way, it’s not just about how Tyler feels about the incident — it’s about how everyone else feels about the incident and also the message in which its sends.

Even if Tyler is okay with what happened, remember that this is the same week that Terry Crews testified before Congress about being violated at a Hollywood event. There are incidents like this that happen to men all over the country and because the victims are men, there is this culture that dissuades people from speaking out about it or being told that they’re somehow less-than for showing vulnerability or pain as a result of it. This sort of action is unacceptable no matter who it is, and it is not okay. Since this is a game and nobody wants to put themselves out there, and nobody is really telling JC that this is an inappropriate thing to do. JC is also someone who joked about pulling Rachel’s shorts off in front of the live-feed cameras, while making her think (at least for a second) that he was going to do it.

This is behavior that needs to be checked and maybe so much more — while we understand not everyone loves “what if?” arguments, it is worth noting here: What if JC had done the same specific act that he did towards Tyler to a woman? What if a different houseguest did something like this to a woman? We would expect that there would be an expulsion. CBS and producers have the ability to do something about this situation; while we don’t often like production having a role in the game, this is different.

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