Take Two season 1 episode 3: Sam gets her biggest case and challenge yet

Take TWo premiere ratingsThere have been two episodes so far of ABC’s new series, Take Twoand so far we are interested enough to keep watching. Next week’s episode is no exception to that. ABC released the promo for episode three and this time the villain is challenging Sam directly. Episode 3 will find Eddie and Sam taking a job from mobster who wants to know what happened to his house DJ. However, Eddie has some reversions, believing that the mobster has a secret agenda with the young missing DJ. The person who kidnapped the young man wants a ransom and he demands it be delivered by Sam. This is where the promo flashes to a variety of scenes that tells us delivering the money isn’t going to be easy and Sam may even find herself in a very dangerous situation.

Could it be trap for Sam? It’s a possibility. The villain could believe that Sam is the weakest link because she only has experience as an actress. Another possibility to have Sam as the target is it could be a deranged fan. Either way, Sam is going to have her first real test at being challenged by a bad guy. She’s fought them on camera and she’s faced two bad guys now with Eddie, but this will be the first time they want to deal with her and only her.

This episode appears a little more intense than the first two episodes and we are excited for it. The two established everything we need to know at this time and now we are getting on track as to where this first season is going to end up. From their previous show, creators Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller reveal important details about their main characters during the first five or six episodes, which could push the story forward. This third episode will continue to establish the case-of-the-week format and give us a taste at the more dramatic side of the show. We have seen the comedic and fun side of the show and now the writers will establish its opposite side. By doing this, the writers allow for more room to tell a variety of stories.

Take Two airs on Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC. For more news related to Take Two, be sure to visit this link.

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