Could a Timeless movie, and a season 3, happen down the road?

Timeless season 2As the #SaveTimeless campaign presses on, we are still keeping in mind what seems to be the likeliest scenario for the series’ future: A two-hour Timeless movie over at NBC meant to “wrap up the story.” We do understand what the value is in NBC doing this, largely because it can be their way of showing some support for the series without having to order a full season, something that they were not willing to do seemingly for financial reasons.

Now, does ordering the movie necessarily mean that a season 3 is impossible? We don’t necessarily think so. This is not a situation where the two have to be mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, a movie could be at this point one of the best ways to better ensure that a season 3 happens down the road.

Let’s lay out the situation here, starting with the fact that Sony Pictures TV cannot find another home for the show. If nobody else wants a Timeless season 3 right now and NBC orders a movie, the writers could then carve out a two-hour movie that effectively ties up some of the show’s major loose ends … while still leaving a couple of threads open for another season down the road. We like to think that this is somewhat similar to what the writers of Shadowhunters may be doing right now — they’ve been given two more episodes to wrap things up, but we know that fans are actively campaigning for more and the writers are working on the script with more in mind. If the show gets a fourth season elsewhere, Shadowhunters will have more story to tell.

The benefit for Timeless doing the same thing could be just giving it more time to find a new home down the road. If the Timeless movie airs and is fairly successful in the ratings, we imagine that this could get some streaming services interested who aren’t necessarily right now.

Are there complications to this idea? Sure, mostly in that it could be difficult to get everyone back together given that the cast is going to have to go get other jobs. (Two hours of TV don’t exactly make for a full-time salary.) Yet, we’ve long thought that the Timeless cast loves this show and if there’s a way to get back together down the road, they would do that.

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