Better Call Saul season 4 spoilers: See Jimmy, Kim at Chuck’s funeral

Better Call Saul season 4

When Better Call Saul season 4 premieres on AMC this August, Jimmy and Kim are going to be dealing with a heavy dose of tragedy — and understandably so, given the way in which season 3 concluded. Chuck McGill is now gone, and while it’s pretty clear that he and Jimmy were far from friendly, there’s a blood connection there. They knew each other really well and it was some of that knowledge that was a great source of conflict between the two.

The photo via Entertainment Weekly is one of the first looks that we have at the ceremony and within that, you can see Jimmy with what is, clearly, a lot of different emotions on his mind. He’s struggling with Chuck’s death but then also some of the tension that was there leading up to it.

The good news for Jimmy is that does still have Kim at his side, and she can be a comfort for him — provided, of course, that he doesn’t end up pushing him away. One of the things that Jimmy should be worried about right now is the end result of some of his actions. He’s got a tendency to be his own worst enemy, and with his brother dead, there’s a chance he will fall into his old ways — and quickly. As a matter of fact, it feels almost like a sure thing that he will given that this is more or less his calling card — plus, we know where his story goes. He is becoming Saul Goodman, and it may not be all that long until we see that happen.

Speaking to the aforementioned website, here is what Odenkirk had to say on the subject:

“Everything moves faster … We’re getting closer to him being Saul, and when we met Saul he was already involved with characters from the Breaking Bad world.”

What do you want to see for Jimmy and Kim on Better Call Saul season 4, in

(Photo: AMC.)

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